Preservation Tips

Preservation Tips

Preservation plays an important role in carrying out our mission. In this section, we have provided tips and information on preserving structures, objects, documents and more. We have also provided information and links to the National Register for Historic Places and the Wausau Historic Preservation Commission.

If you have a preservation question or concern, please feel free to contact us at (715) 842-5750. Our staff and volunteers will assist you with information on proper preservation procedures, information on preserving a historic property, and more.

For more information about historic properties, programs, funding, etc. visit the Wisconsin Historical Society's Web site at

Below are links to webists that offer preservation tips for a variety of items.

Caring For Your Collections

Library of Congress on Preservation: Need advice on the care of books, photos, videos, and other media in your collections? These publications from the Preservation Directorate answer many questions about the care, handling and storage of your valuable collections.

Minnesota Historical Society on Conservation

This site provides information on Textiles, Books and Paper, Photographs and Objects.

Caring For Your Treasures

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)
You can order printed brochures or print from the website leaflets on caring for books, furniture, metal objects, paintings, photographic materials, documents and works of art on paper, videotapes and special objects.

Caring of Objects and Collections

Canadian Conservation Institute
This interactive Web site has alot to offer and is fun to explore.


National Park Service
This site contains a very comprehensive collection of information that is geered towards museums.

Preserving Vital Records and Other Family Treasurers

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
This 7 page PDF file contains briefly touches on proper storage techniques for several items.

Protect Photos, Documents And Other Papers From Natural Destruction Over Time.

For a fun and interactive web page, click the links below:

Stored Alive!

Created by Elizabeth Goins of the Image Permanence Institute.